the third times a charm | columbus, ohio newborn photographer

I have some wonderful clients that are starting to lap me on the kid front. I think so far this year, I’ve done three newborn shoots with three kiddos. Here’s the thing about newborn shoots. I firmly believe that the whole family should be a part of them. I don’t know. I mean you’re a family. Why wouldn’t you all be a part of it? Now, that being said, two kids and a newborn in a shoot tends to lend itself to a chaotic moment or two. I kinda like it. Its family. Its what your life is going to be. Its memories. Its love.

Lets just remember that love also means sweltering heat. Getting dangerously close to nap time for the middle one. Taking a breather to nurse or feed the baby. Spiders lurking in every corner. The photographer not noticing the smooshed pile of poop right next to where she put the blanket down. For reals. When I tell you that you’re not alone in being a hot mess…you need to believe me…you’re not alone.