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I’ve been thinking a lot about goals, dreams, aspirations and fear. A lot about fear. What drives that fear?  What causes you to reach for something then pull back?

As my children get older, I wonder how much of that fear...that hesitation...is nature or nurture.  How can I nurture their natural talents to help eliminate fear?

When one of my clients emailed for a session last fall, I noticed a new signature.

Founder and Executive Director

H.E.R Acadamy

Well, I thought to myself, what’s this all about...so I googled...I google every little thing that intrigues me.

I came across this Columbus Dispatch article.

“Women are hugely underrepresented in computer science careers.”

“...a computer-science curriculum that looks to pique girls' interest early and keep them hooked.”

.”The curriculum ideally will attract all kinds of students who previously might not have considered learning about computer science.”

This whole thing intrigues me for two reasons.

There is no one way to go about anything in this world. Encouraging our children to find that “thing” that gets them hooked and apply what they’ve learned to their own natural way of approaching life can eliminate that fear. 

Take a look at this Founder and Executive Director. Imagine the trepidation a person, a woman, a wife, and a mother has thinking I want to start this...this to help diminish fear in an industry where women are underrepresented in the workplace. The best way to weaken fear…to prevent our daughters and sons from reaching for their dreams and pulling back…is education and encouraging them that their way of looking at the world is going to reach beyond the stars. 

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