Don't Control It | Worthington, Ohio Family Photographer

I get all twitchy if I feel like something isn’t going to play out the way I want it to or expect. Some may say that I have control issues. I mean, I can’t help it if my way is the best way to do everything in life. It’s a burden that weighs on me heavily.

All kidding aside, I hear a lot from parents that my kids hate photos, they’ll never last an hour or they’re not normally this grumpy. When I first started photography, I felt like I had to fill the entire hour with photos. Like if you didn’t see me clicking away constantly, you would think that I wasn’t doing my job. Here’s the thing. A lot of my job is ME. Its this connection that I make with each person in your family. If I can’t make a connection, then you’re going to see it in the end product.

That connection is very important to me. I used to try and force it. To control it. In my years of experience, I’m finding that to get my clients to connect, I just have to let it happen. Not fill every last second with shutter clicks. You have to connect with me in front of the camera before you can connect with me behind the camera. I can’t control it….because when we all just loosen our grip a bit…I can show everyone the greatness of your family.

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