Random Thinking

I had a whole outline of what I wanted to post but, I don’t want to do that now so I’m not gonna to do it.  

I’m sipping on tea that is supposed to be relaxing. What I really want is pecan pie....or maybe a root beer float. 

I’m sitting here watching my husband gather up all the trash for trash day and wondering if he’s getting annoyed with me just sitting here and watching him.  

There’s things I want to do with this little business of mine but, my shortage of confidence and abundance of fear holds me back.  

I want to be that person that loves to work out and craves healthy food. I’m not. Instead I’m the person that feels guilty about letting my training group and trainer down...so I’m drinking tea with mint in it and not mint chocolate chip ice cream.  

I get so crippling exhausted in the afternoons. It kinda worries me. I’m wondering if my hemoglobin/anemia levels are all jacked again.  I’ve started taking vitamins. I’m sure that will cure all my issues.  

When my kids get home from school, they immediately go to their rooms to decompress. I get it but, sometimes I feel like I should turn off my marathon of Law & Order SVU to check on them.  Maybe I will one day. 

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