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I was at the Berkshire Triatholon this year and noticed this tall guy with a itty bitty ginger baby in a chest carrier. He had a cup of coffee and I thought to myself that he probably really needed that cup more than me. Five minutes later, I saw a lady with an itty bitty in her wrap carrier. Lots of newbies around here I thought. I admittedly barely looked at the parents’ faces. Then I saw this little girl with glorious hair run up to the guy with the itty bitty ginger baby and thought, I know that girl and that hair. Ummmmm…..yeah….because I knew her whole family and was scheduled to take her siblings’ newborn pics the following weekend. I can be so dense sometimes. Note to self. Start looking at and paying attention to parents’ faces and not just the babies before I get arrested for stalking. If I’m being totally honest, I was a smidge hungover and my mind was a smidge murky cloudy but, that’s just between us.

Its amazing how parents experience this growth. I don’t think you know its happening while its happening but, the next thing you know, you’ve experienced this…change….in your psyche. This feeling of family…of life…of home.

I haven’t known these guys long but, I absolutely adored getting to know them and getting to be a part of their story for a bit. Walking into their house was warm. There was this style that was very chic but, there was this feeling of family…of life…of home. There were images, pieces and art all around that expressed who they were and the love, dedication and heart that goes into their story. I can’t believe I had the privilege to help them express who the are now.