Autism Speaks

As some of you know, I am volunteering for Autism Speaks.  Currently, I’m on the committee which is organizing the walk in Columbus.  We’re super excited as Dr. Gee has agreed to be our honorary chairman and we’ve got the run of the Schott on walk day.  For those not from Columbus, that’s a pretty big deal for us!

Others may wonder why I chose Autism Speaks.  My brother, Matthew, has autism.  I remember my Matthew’s diagnosis being very confusing for me (I was about 13) and for my family.  Now that I’m a mom, I can’t imagine what was going through my parents’ minds when we finally received the diagnosis. 

I know how I felt through the years.  I had no one to really explain to me what autism was and how it affects those diagnosed on the spectrum.  I knew I had a brother that lived in his own world and would every now and then let one of us in for a hug or a kiss.  The few moments when we got eye contact are still memorable.  I knew that my life was different.  I knew that it was a struggle to find time to do what I wanted to do because a special brother needed additional attention from all family members.  From feeding him breakfast, getting him off the bus and serving as nanny over the summer; my life was not that of a normal teen.  I remember one time right after I got my driver’s license receiving a call from the bus driver because Matthew was upset and took all of his clothes off and could I please drive out to meet the bus and get him.  I also remember an extreme amount of guilt when I decided to attend college away from my family and being happy that I was going to be able to live my own life.

So, why Autism Speaks?  I think information helps us all.  Not only is Autism Speaks helping to fund research that can only help future generations, they are getting the word out.  I hope by increasing knowledge and information, an autism diagnosis will become a little less scary and confusing.

Now I’m going to ask you for money. J  I understand that times are hard so if you can’t give, maybe you could forward this onto anyone that may be able to give.  Donating is easy.  Just go online to my webpage:

If you want more info on the Columbus ….

Thank You!!