Happy 30th TT!

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We're hosting a little get together for TT's 30th bday.  T's been prepping the food and I've been working with j on napping in the crib.  (It's going well.  He's only doing half hour intervals but I guess you have to start somewhere.)  The bbq should be fun.  It's always fun with the Schoenings and the Sprechers.  Makes me miss my college friends, though.  I don't think I've ever had them all over for a bbq.  Maybe one day!  I can't believe everyone is turning 30.  I remember graduating college and thinking 30 was so far away.  Here I am now with a husband, a baby, no job and a mortgage.  I remember the crazy times in Adam's Morgan and at Pizza Mart.  Now cc is in Chicago and Meg is in Cali.  I'm in OH.  Friends have come and friends have gone.  Yikes.

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