More pumpkins?

Grammy and gramps came for a visit this past weekend.  T and gramps got quite a bit done.  The back door no longer sticks, there's a replaced board on the front of the house, walkway was power washed, sump pump checked, lawn mowed (along with the leaves) and (drum roll please) the bushes were trimmed!  I am most excited about the bushes.  Now when the kids come to trick or treat, we won't be the scary house on the block.

While T and gramps did work around the house; grammy, j and I headed to another pumpkin farm.  This place is going to be great fun once j gets a little older. 

First, we had to see how tall he was this fall.


Then we visited the donkeys, but chose to keep them out of the pictures.  Grammy graciously offered to take a pic of j and I.  j just looks thrilled to be with his mommy.



j decided to show us just how big his beautiful brown eyes are.


I suppose you should be allowed to explore the pumpkins at a pumpkin patch.



They had this crazy thing where you put goat feed (I don't know what the call food for a goat) into this pulley system.  You crank it until it gets to the top and there's a goat there waiting for the food.  Crazy.  I was quite enthralled by it.  They don't have things like that in Hampton, VA.



Plus, there were these crazy looking gourds which grammy informed me were used to make birdhouses.  I used them to practice adjusting the camera to different lighting.  Don't know how successful I was, but here's what they looked like.



Mostly we just scoped the joint out to see what looked interesting for next year.



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