Sniffles and Coughs

Things have been eventful around here which has caused me to fall way behind in my picture downloads so please forgive me if this is a little more wordy than picturey.  The whole family was sick.  Well, T is currently sick as he was the last to get the dreadful cold.  I must say that j has handled it way better than his father but, who am I to pass judgment. 


So j made it through his first cold.  He handled it like a champ I must say.  Nothing really changed.  His feeding was effected a little, it’s a little hard when you can’t breathe through your nose.  The introduction of the nasal aspirator wasn’t welcomed with open arms but, I really can’t blame him.  Although, I have heard some moms say they tried it on themselves and it really does work.  There’s even an electric one out there which I hear is the best $20 ever spent.  He made it through without any ill effects on his disposition.   He’s still hanging on to a cough but the pediatrician says to just let it work itself out and that they don’t recommend any over the counter medicines.  I like that train of thought as I’m not really one to get a ton of medicines when I’m feeling ill.  Sleeping habits have been effected, though.  He woke up every hour last night.  Makes the days of twice a night feedings seem like heaven. 


The sleeping thing is really getting to me.  I think I’ve formed a plan, though….or rather I’m in the process of forming a plan.  I’m just not sure when to implement.  I’d like for him to get over this cough first but, I’m not really sure how much more my body can take.  I think I’m pretty much over being sick, I’m not sure how as I didn’t get any sleep, but my energy level has taken a nose dive.  I’m just worried my milk supply will do the same.  Anyway, I’m not mentally strong enough to have j cry it out.  I don’t know if I ever will be so I’m doing research on ways to get him to fall asleep on his own without the long stretches of tears.  The whole process is a little disheartening I must say.  It almost makes you feel like a bad parent of comforting your child to sleep.  Like this whole time that I’ve been loving my child, I should’ve been just throwing him in the crib to face it alone.  I know it’s silly but, it still makes me feel like a failure in some ways.


So the sleep training will start soon….as soon as mommy gets mentally ready for it.




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