This week...

It hasn't so much been a crazy week, but more of a sick week.  j got sick first then I did, of course.  The last time j and I got sick it was over the weekend so it was much easier.  This time, not so much.  Monday morning came and I told T that it was going to be a rough day.  At 6pm, I called T's phone and no answer.   I called his office phone praying that he wouldn't pick up and of course he did which promptly led to me crying on the phone that I just couldn't do anymore that day.  If you've never had to take care of a 6 mo old and try to get over being sick, count yourself lucky.  When all else fails, you call grammy.  Grammy came on Tuesday and was a lifesaver.  She watched j in the morning while I slept.  Sleep was really all I needed.  We headed to the zoo for a couple of hours because it is HARD to entertain a 6 mo old in the house all day.  Once we got back, I took another nap and was almost good as new.  Grammy stayed the night and hung out with us for a bit on Wed morning.  I must say, I was a little lonely when she left! 

I think j is a little bored this week.  We didn't attend our normal activities and had to cancel the play group we're hosting on Sat because I was nervous j wouldn't be totally well.  I think I may have jumped the gun on that, though.  He's coughing less and his nose seems to be drying up.  Hopefully all will be well by Friday and we can start the sleep "training" I've been trying to pull together from various resources.

I don't think I can really write about this week without writing about the election.  Following in family traditions, T and I cancelled each other out in the polls.  No matter who I voted for, I've always known that I would respect and support the newly elected president.  We're Americans, you should.  Kind of like a relative who always makes decisions you disagree with, you advise to the best of your ability, but you always support and stand united. 

I can't but feel a lot of hope that the first African American was voted into office.  Don't think that wasn't lost on this biracial voter.  No, I am not Arican American and my skin has a yellow tinge rather than brown one.  Even still, my mom has been refused service and even I've experienced a few racial slurs in my life time.  I don't think I've ever pulled a race card or even thought that I've been discriminated against, but it's awesome to see a minority in the White House.  Let's not forget baby j is biracial, too.