T and I had a conversation this weekend about how I am obsessed with our budget.  How it encompasses my mind.  He's right.  I need to lighten up a bit and think about the wonderful things around me.  So, since Christmas is fast approaching and we're all running around trying to buy gifts and make everything perfect, I have decided that I need to remind myself of the true meaning of Christmas.  So everyday until Christmas, I'm going to write about a blessing in my life.

Today, my new nestie friends.  There's a group of girls that I "chat" with daily that are turning out to be a great release for me.  Today we met at the mall.  It means a ton for me to be able to get out and  have some fun conversation with the girls.  It means even more to me that those girls also have fabulous children of their own for j to get to know.  Being a stay at home mom can be so lonely sometimes and these ladies helped to make the time a little more exciting.  Thanks Sarah, Erin, Alicia and April!
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