We'll be traveling to C-land tomorrow to attend the hottest ticket in town, my father in laws Christmas party!  Anyway, I don't think I'll have time to hop on the computer for that long so I wanted to get my blessing of the day done for today and tomorrow.

I was a little down yesterday.  Just in a low mood.  It may be the weather.  Sometimes I get a little lonely for my bff's.  Sometimes it's nice to just sit in a room with someone that knows you better than you know yourself.  A friend that shares a history with you.  It's hard to build friendships like that as an adult.  You get married.  You have kids.  Moments to just breathe are hard to come by.


I heart my Brookie.  She's the closest thing I'll ever have to a sister.  We can go ages without speaking yet always know that we're there for each other.  I've been a horrible friend at times yet she's always been there to support me.  She knows how my emotions work.  She knows that despite the fact that I am fickle with some friendships, I'm fiercely loyal to my true friends and I'll always love her.  She's always been my emotional support.  She's the one I have my "night time" discussions with.  One word and she knows exactly how much I need her, "slippin."  I miss my B. 



I miss my Meg, too.  There are times in life that you desperately need someone by your side.  Meg has been there through bottles of vodka and puddle people.  Meg is the one that helps me remember the fun times in life.  She helps me remember that I do have a little fabulous in me.  She's the only Jersey girl you'll meet with a southern accent and that's why I love her.  She's always been the glue and doesn't give a fig about what others think of her.  She loves me despite the fact that I once fell asleep while she was discussing something that was really bothering her (to my defense, I just got off of a LONG 45 :) plane ride to DC).  She is fabulous.


I love them both (despite the fact that they are some skinny little tarts) and miss them so much. 
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