Fun stories...

Yesterday I put a fully dressed j down in his crib just for a minute while I ran to the bathroom.  Two minutes, tops.  I come back to find a smiling and laughing baby with no pants.  How he got rid of the pants, you got me.

Today at Gymboree j found a new bff.  h, whose father is from England!, was sitting in front of j.  j reached out and gave him a little kiss on the head.  Okay, it could maybe be that he was trying to suck and chew on his head because of the teething, but I like to think of it as a kiss.  j also found a couple of girlfriends at Gymboree today.  While they were laying on the mat, a and j looked longingly into each others eyes.  She was on her tummy and he was on his back and they were mesmerized.  j also had another little girl on his other side that he was hitting, typical boy.  r had enough and reached out and they held hands for a bit.  Quite an exciting day at Gymboree!  j is very mesmerized by his teacher, too.  She's this cute 22 year old blonde lady.  He just watches her any time she speaks. 

I will say that we're holding out for m, though.  Here's her mommy's blog.

I think m has the sweetest face.  I have them pegged as high school sweethearts.  I figure j is just trying to sow his wild oats at Gymboree.  He's heart belongs to m.