Christmas Recap

Finally!  Christmas is way more fun with a little one.  Eventhough he didn't quite know what was going on, it was still fun to start our very own family traditions.

We had a trial run a few days before Christmas with Auntie L and Uncle B.  Since they would be heading to Charlotte on Christmas day, we decided to have a mini prezzie opening session the weekend before Christmas.  j appreciated the practice time.


Christmas morning was spent at our house.  j had a pretty restless night.  We thought it was because of his excitement, but later in the day found out he was just coming down with a bug.  Regardless, he was awesome.  The morning started out on his hands and knees of course.


Then we opened some prezzies...



I have more video then pics of the actual gift opening.  Maybe I'll get that up later.  Anyway, after we opened presents, we had an awesome pancake breakfast.  j wasn't too into them, but I had some topped with apples and fresh whipped cream.  Yummy.  After breakfast, we headed to c-land where we continued the gift opening.  It was a marathon after all. 




Sometimes Daddy and Grammy had so much fun with the gifts, j was left with nothing to do...



There was a lot of chewing on Christmas gifts, too.


That was just round 1.  We had to take a break to prep for round 2.  We had a blast.