It always comes down to teething...

It won't stop snowing. I'm so over it. I hate the snow. We're snowed in again.  It's soo annoying.  There's six inches piled up on the bedroom balcony right now.  Ughh...

So what's new?  Nothing too exciting really. 

T got back from his trip and had the allergy attack.  He's working from home today because the snow and ice are getting pretty deep.  Unfortunately for him, the more I just sit in the house, the more "honey do" projects I come up for him.  He tried his first batch of beer from the home brew set he got for Christmas.  I was impressed.  I actually liked it.  It was just your basic light beer, but definitely a good start.  Poor guy wants to work on the basement something awful, but near death experiences....keep coming up and he just can't find the time.

I still have about a million things running through my mind.  I'm obsessed with decorating the house.  I have yet to actually purchase anything, though.  I have a list of things I want to get, but I get so nervous when it actually comes time to purchase anything.  I like our savings account and don't want to deplete it...especially since we dipped into it for T's trip.  I went to the mom's group yesterday and someone asked about feelings.  I started to listen, but when she said the first thing to letting your children feel is making sure you're ok with you're own feelings, I was out of there.  Yikes.  I decided to skip out on that one.  j needed to get home for his nap anyway.

j's not pooping and he's not sleeping.  He's still crazy and quite a happy kid.  We were doing so well a week ago.  He was taking two 2 hour naps and was doing 6 hour stretches at night.  Then all of a sudden it stopped.  Not sure why.  Maybe teething?  I feel like everyone blames stuff on teething, though.  I don't know.  I'm hesitant to start any new sleep plans since we leave for FL in a couple of weeks.  His naps are getting kind of better on their own.  He's a happy kid, though.  He's starting to get frustrated....well ticked is probably a better word for it...when he wants something and he doesn't get it ASAP.  I asked the child development expert if this is just a phase or if I'm raising a brat.  She said that it's a good sign because he's interacting with his environment and if I couldn't express something that I wanted that I'd probably get ticked, too.  She's wrong.  I get ticked and I CAN express myself.  He's still not interested in solid foods.  I called the nurse today.  She said maybe that's because of the constipation.  If he doesn't poop by Friday, I'm supposed to bring him in.  The non interest could be because of teething, too.  It always comes down to teething.