We're back.

We're back from our week long vacation in FL.  Can't say we're all too happy to be back.  How can you be excited about coming home to 20 degree weather and snow when this was the view from your bedroom and living room for a week?


For those that don't know, we drove down to FL.  I know, sounds awful, but T and I have always been driving people.  I have no idea why, but we seem to drive everywhere.  We learned a few lessons as to what works best for j, though.  It will be at least another 6 months before we head back to FL so by then everything we learned won't be relevant anymore....whatever.  On the way down, we decided to leave in the evening and arrive at Auntie L's in Charlotte around midnight and stay the night.  We decided we'd leave the following morning and drive during j's nap times and do some sight seeing in between.  That wasn't the best idea.   On the way home, we just did the drive straight through and j seemed to do a whole lot better with that....why, I don't know.  Anyway, on the way down we stopped at Savannah.  None of us had been before and we found it to be quite charming.



j appreciated the stretch time.



Enough about Savannah.  FL was THE BEST.

First let me say that my husband did not forget Valentine's day.  Not only did he buy me beautiful tulips,

but he got me a charm for my Pandora bracelet....which was purchased days before.  I was quite impressed!  Unfortunately, he didn't get anything because I was too preoccupied with packing for two adults and a 9 month old.  I consider the fact that he didn't have to pack a thing my gift. :)


So what did we do on vacation?  T was so awesome and would grab j first thing in the morning to let me relax for a bit.  They'd head down and take a look at the beach...j LOVED to watch the birds...then they'd head to Publix to pick up anything that we needed.  I hear j was a hit with the old ladies at Publix and was the recipient of quite a few free cookies....some of which had red sprinkles which is how mommy found out the secret.



Once the boys got back, we'd take a walk on the beach.  T would skip some stones and j would do some intense bird watching.


After the morning nap and some lunch we'd head out to the beach or the pool.  j surprisingly didn't eat too much sand.  He just took off crawling in it like it was no big deal.  We did put j's feet in the ocean.  We think it was a bit too cold because j was not all that psyched about it.  He did love the pool.




For those that are curious as to why j is in a little pool, the condo association doesn't allow babies that aren't potty trained into the big pools so they give you these little ones.  It actually works out quite nice as it keeps him contained and we can control the depth.  j loved the little pools.  He even did well just sitting pool side with me.  He'd sit on my lap and yell at all the people passing by.





We ate out a ton.  My favorite place to go is a restaurant just down the beach.  We always walk down the beach and walk right into the restaurant through their beach entrance.  Love it.  I think j's gotten used to eating out, though.  He did quite well in the restaurants.



The weather couldn't have been more perfect.  Half the days were near the 80's and the other half were a little cooler.  It was nice to spend the hotter days at the beach or the pool and the cooler days either relaxing or exploring the town a bit.


It was a great vacation.  T and I both left feeling recharged.  I never knew how much we needed it until we left!



Oh, this is for grammy.  On my way back from the pool I noticed this bird next to the fountains.  I was wondering if he thought maybe the fountain birds were his cousins!  Can you see him?.....bottom right.....








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