Just a tiny itty bitty bit of water...

I feel like things are pretty crazy around here.  It always makes me think of people who say being a stay at home mom would be boring.  Our days fill up so quickly.  Then I think about all that I learn each day about how my child is developing that I wonder how I ever thought it wouldn't be mentally challenging.  Our days are filling up so much that I barely have time to get errands done.  I've been meaning to get to the post office for two weeks now to mail some dvd's of j's to family, but it's been a challenge.  Nannie, Jan and Ted....the dvd is coming...soon!  So, what's been filling our days?

I've decided that I need to go back to the gym.  Let's face it.  I don't eat well.  Thankfully the milk producing gravy train burns plenty 'o calories to make up for my dozen cookies a day eating habits.  Alas, those days are limited so I need to hit the gym before things...and mommy...get ugly.  j, on the other hand, does not agree (on the gym and on the weaning).  The gym nursery will come find you if kiddo cries for more than 15 minutes straight.  Let's just say that I haven't been at the gym for more than 15 minutes.  It's only been two days so I'm hoping things will get better soon.  I'm a little worried because j is going through a major separation anxiety phase.  He will not let me out of his sight without pitching some sort of fit.  This phase, I fear, does not bode well for the gym.  It doesn't really bode so well for the night away we'll be spending in Dallas in a few weeks either.  I'm really anxious about that weekend.

So why did I only go to the gym twice?  Well, j and I are part of this fabulous group of ladies and kiddos.  The kids (and mommies!) are becoming great friends.  We get together two or three times in a week which is great, but doesn't allow for much errand running!

On Wednesday we met up and visited the local children's museum.  j waited patiently for his friends to arrive.

I think j got a little overwhelmed by the size of the little kids area.  He warmed up a bit.  He started riding some of the fun toys.

They had this thingie that blew air beneath foam balls to keep them suspended in air.  j was a bit fascinated by it.  I'm pretty sure it wasn't the whole suspended in air that fascinated him, but rather the foam ball that would be perfect for chewing on.



We soon found the best thing in the whole wide world.  The water table.





j hung out with his buddy.  You have to love a guy that you can just hang out and gnaw on some toys with.





j did find that the most fun was to splash.  Poor little s had to put up with his shenanigans.  She was quite the lady.


j also proved that he is his father's son and is so NOT the smooth player.  He checked out a few of the ladies.  Notice s laughing at him.




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