An update

I remember the days before we had j.  Honestly, we were so lazy.  I miss those days.  Things are just way more...filled.

We were supposed to head to Dallas for our dear friend's wedding.  It was supposed to be my first weekend away from j.  I stressed about it for weeks.  I planned and prepped for days.  I wrote out a 3 page list of fyi's for grammy and gramps.  Long story short, the flight was cancelled and they couldn't get us to Dallas until after the reception was to start.  We ended up right back at our house 4 hours after arriving at the airport.  We decided since grammy and gramps were ready to babysit, we'd take the afternoon and evening and head out into the city just the two of us.  We ended up meeting a couple of friends for drinks and dinner.  It was fun, but we couldn't help but marveling at the fact that we used to have to time to do things like that ALL THE TIME.  How our Saturday afternoons used to be so....empty.  It all worked out for the best, though.  Grammy and gramps got to get their feet wet with babysitting without having to do the hard part, bedtime.

This past weekend, we decided to paint.  Well, it's bleeding into this week, too.  I'm excited, though.  It's fun to think that we're making the house our own. 

j is getting better at the gym.  He's lasting about 45 minutes now.  I'm thinking he could go longer so maybe I'll be able to actually take a shower and enjoy the spa very soon.  If he does well next week, I may sign up for the spinning class.  I'm scared.  Working out is so different than it used to be.  It gives me time to zone out. 

j is learning stuff left and right.  We're still waiting for the first tooth to cut.  It looks as though the bottom two may come through at the same time.  He's, understandably, grumpy at night.  I'm sure it's pretty painful. 

The other day I had my best mommy moment ever.  I was cradling him for his nap.  He was grumpy so I gave him a little kiss on his eyelid.  He calmed down and I gave him another kiss on the other eyelid.  His eyes shot open, he yelled at me, reached up, gave me a kiss and promptly fell asleep.  Loved it. 

Yesterday he slammed his hand and started crying.  I picked him up, calmed him down then went to change his diaper.  I was talking to him and he was laughing.  Once I stopped talking, he started flexing his hand and crying again....five minutes later.  Totally milking it..
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