Party Prep

Trevor and I had many a discussion as to whether we should even throw a party for jake.  I decided we had to.  Then I may have gone slightly overboard. 

I spent most of Friday afternoon and evening baking.  Saturday day was spent frosting, making home made caramel corn and some chocolate covered marshmellows.  The previous week was spent making banners and planning the logistics.

We decided to have a baseball theme.  It all started with the invitation.

The favors were next.


We had to have something to remember the day by so I put out baseballs for everyone to sign.


Then we laid out all the goodies.



jake had his own special cake.


Then we were ready to party.



I got so wrapped up in the party that I didn't get any pictures of my own.  Thankfully people are sending me pictures so I'll have something for the albums!  Thank you so much Anya and Andrea!!!  If anyone has any pictures they want to send me, feel free!  I'll have the pictures that Anya and Andrea took up shortly!!




Thanks to Megan for manning the video camera for us during cake time!

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