zoo time

Now that jake is on one nap a day, it's freed up the morning for outings.  We've found that the zoo in the morning is the most fun.  The animals are their most active and there's not so many people around.  I realized today that I've never taken the camera to the zoo so I figured I'd give it a shot today.  I'm so glad I did.  We got some great shots.

First, we hightailed it to the back of the zoo so we wouldn't have to deal with any people.  We stopped to say hi to the flamingos.


jake liked watching them.



Then off to see the penguins.




I think jake and the guy up front were eyein' each other up.



My favorite exhibit is the one of the gorillas.  We stopped to say hi to a bird, though.



Off to the gorillas.  I have no idea what they were looking at but, it must've been interesting.


This is how I felt after Shannon party (not a reception).



Since Trevor has yet to show jake that little boys pee standing up, I figured I'd take this to make sure that he learns.


Here's jake learnin'.


There was a mommy gorilla and a baby right up against the glass.  I can't believe I got such good shots of them. 




We went into the indoor exhibit and saw a silverback male....or rather he saw jake....




We went to the petting zoo.  I didn't get great shots.  jake would not stand up to save his life and no way I'm letting the kid crawl in a petting zoo.....




All that fun and the kid gets most excited about a bird underneath a bench.



We had a blast this morning.