Hangin' In There

Things are going ok around here.  It seems that there is always something that needs to get done yet we never really feel like doing it. 

Trev is still focused on the basement.  It's tough for him to get the energy, though.  He pretty much grabs jake from me when he gets home so that I get a break which, unfortunately, doesn't leave much of a break for him  :)  or :( ...depending on which side of the coin you're on for that one.  :)

I'm trying to wean jake.  It's hard.  One minute I feel like I can't do it at all anymore the next I feel like I'm losing my baby.  I wish he'd just decide for himself that he doesn't want to nurse anymore.  That's so not happening.  He's all about it.  I'm still holding out hope, though.  I think it would be easier for me if he was just ready.  It sucks because the boob solves everything.  If he's crying or hurt or just cranky, it doesn't matter once you start nursing.  The whole world is better again.  It's hard to stop that huge convenience.  We're getting there, slowly but surely.  I will say that I never thought I would still be nursing a 15 month old.  I know all my friends that don't have kids are probably thinking that I should be done by now.  As my friend Tina once said, motherhood is nothing what you think it is.  You think you know how you're going to feel but, you totally don't.  I always hated her for saying that but, she's right.

Ironically, I haven't had the camera with me during the day all too much lately.  I'm going to try and make a pointed effort to bring it with me everywhere....or most places.  I need the practice.  So here's the last of the cell phone pictures for a while...

While we were visiting grammy and gramps, jake got his first ride in a bicycle cart.  I don't think he was too keen on it.  The look on Ryder's face is hilarious.  He's like, "get me away from this kid."

jake has this obsession with watching people mow the lawn.  I have no idea why.  He really has an obsession with anything with wheels.  He loves trucks.  He's recently started noticing the planes in the sky, too.  Anyway, grammy bought him his first mower so that he can practice.  Little does he know how much he's going to hate mowing the lawn when he's a teenager.

We've moved on from the crib and have been in a big boy bed for a while now.  It makes trips a little trickier since jake does not want to be in the pack n play.  We did a test run of a blow up toddler bed.  It worked out ok but, I think jake is used to his big full size bed because he rolled right off a couple of times.  The last time was enough to tick him off.  I think we're going to try a full size blow up bed next.

jakes new favorite toy is this box.  He loves to get in it and have you push him around the house like it's a car.  It's freakin' exhausting to do on the carpet, though.  Trev and I have to take turns.  Sad, isn't it?