A nice ... relaxing weekend...

Trevor headed to a bachelor party this past weekend.  Since I have no desire to be a single mom, if even for 48 hours, I hightailed it to grammy and gramps' house.  Besides, a weekend with the grandparents is supposed to be relaxing for mom, right?  Let's just say I came home on Sunday exhausted.

I tried to pack Friday morning with activity to make sure that this kid would sleep (not cry) during the drive.  We walked to story/music time at 9:30 then headed off to the lollipop concert at 10:30.  At about 12 we got home and ate lunch really fast.  We were on the road at 12:30.  jake was asleep by 12:45 :) and stayed asleep until we got of the interstate.  Love it when a plan actually works.

We made it to grammy and gramps' at about 3 and relaxed for about an hour.  I swear it seemed like 10 minutes, though.  After a quick trip to Target, we headed to gramps' company picnic.  While there, jake renewed his love for watermelon.



He fit in some time with grammy.



Some more time with gramps.



jake always makes time for water play.



Elmo made an appearance.  We weren't too sure about him.



jake soon decided...


that grammy was way cooler than Elmo.



jake did take some time to stop and smell the flowers.



Saturday we ran some errands in the morning.  Then in the afternoon, jake and gramps decided it was definitely time to hang out on a hill.


Most importantly, though, it was time to hang out at the pool.  Grammy and gramps grabbed jake (I stayed home!) and enjoyed some pool time together.





After pool time, we all headed to the Z's for a quick drink so I could see Chad and Ryder.  But, as many know, you never go to the Z's for a quick drink.  You go for a party.  We ended up having a pizza party while Ryder and jake amused us with fish and bike rides.


Sunday was a mad rush to see everyone that needed to be seen!


I think jake is still recovering!