Our Morning...

When jake woke up an hour early this morning, I found out that what I thought was a diaper rash......isn’t.  It’s a full blown rash.  Now it’s all down his legs.

Since he’s got three teeth pushing through, he’s been crazy clingy and it’s been exhausting so we went out to play before we had to leave for story time.  It was great fun until jake started playing with his ball and fell on the concrete while trying to go after it.  Not only is his chin scraped up, but his poor bottom tooth that is (was) trying to push through was bleeding.  Guess it’s through now.

 After story time and lunch, it was time to get ready for a nap.  jake and I did our regular routine.  I nurse him.  He starts playing.  I announce that if he wants to play he has to play by himself.  I leave the room, he poops, and then calls me back into the room.  Well, this time he pooped and it got all over his bed and rash riddled legs.  That calls for some bath time fun.  Hmmm…but, the pilot light is out so there’s no hot water.  Nothing like a cold bath to get a kid ready to take a nap.

 After getting jake and the bed clean, he was still playing.  So, I announced if he wants to play he has to play by himself.  Ten minutes later, I go back to his room to find every toy he has in his room laying over the floor.  It was a holding deck, really, because 25% of them had already been thrown out of his room and into the hallway.  I walk up to the doorway, he sees me, and starts laughing hysterically.

 He finally fell asleep 45 minutes after normal naptime.  The toys are still in the hallway and will stay there until someone else picks them up.

p.s.  I have some great pics from this morning.  He had fun with this car and at storytime.  I'm way too tired for all that right now.