Splish Splash

I feel like every blogger has been talking about how they're a bad blogger.  So, ummm, I've been a bad blogger. 

I have tons of updates but, I also have a messy house and loads of laundry and a kid I'm still trying to wean so he's crying from 1pm to about 3:30pm and I'm stressed about what it's going to be like when I try to drop his night feeding and I'm dealing with the peeps that have some sort of opinion about me still nursing a 16mo old despite the fact that the World Health Organization recommends you do it until they are 2 and I need a haircut like something awful and I'm thinking about how I'm leaving the kid for the first time the weekend after next and I have some research to do for a special project and I want to redecorate my house and I have a bunch of projects for the kid's playroom....whatevs, you don't want to hear about my issues. 

OK.  A few weekends ago, we decided to visit the splash pad with Daddy.  Each time jake and I went, it was pretty busy with kids so it was a treat to have the place to ourselves for a few minutes. 




I've got so much more...pumpkin patches, doughnuts, slides, and tunnels.  Plus, we've got a lot going on with the house and trying to make it a home so I figure I should try and post more about that, too.  I'm tired just thinking about it. 
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