First Date

I was bummed when I had to reschedule my shoot with my friend, Andrea. I suppose I shouldn't be too bummed because we just reschedule for the next day but, still. Andrea came up with the stellar idea of going out to dinner with the fams instead. I discussed it with jake and he was super psyched to go on his first date with Madeline.

Since neither one of them is bringing home their own bacon, we decided that they'd have to sit with us. Being the good chaperones that we are, we sat them at opposite ends of the table.

They totally played it cool in the beginning. jake made some calls on the leap frog phone.

Madeline caught up on some light reading.

Once we got them together, you could totally tell they wanted some time alone. Andy refused to leave his daughter alone with a boy. :)

Despite her dad's watchful eye, she totally checked jake out.

jake returned the favor.

Then their eyes met and it was like....magic.

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