I always struggle with what to put on my table. It's really a battle of function and beauty. Since we eat at the table as a family every night, I can't really do anything fancy. It gets annoying to move things around or push them to the side. Plus as jake gets taller, he's starting to grab at things on the table or counter. Fun times. Anyway, I do dream of the day when I'll be able to have a beautiful tablescape. One that changes with the season. Shows how creative I am....and how I have impeccable taste. Right now I have 3 pumpkins and a gourd in a tray on my table. Woo hoo.

While I dream of toddler free days, my friend Jan is living the dream. She recently created a "Warm Woodland Tablescape". She not only created it but, she gives a handy dandy tutorial on how you can create your own inspired tablescape.
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