jake and I went to the farm with our mom's group on Friday. I myself am not particularly a farming kind of girl but, apparantly, my son is. He loved the farm.

First we went into the little greenhouse where there were some pretty flowers. :)

Our tour guide was great. She has a 2 year old of her own so she was great at talking to all the kids. We were able to eat some peppars and carrots right out of the ground since everything is organic.

She also told us about this little plant that tricks the buggies into not eating all the squash and other plants of the like. I kinda paid attention. Still. I thought it was pretty cool.

....and yes, before someone leaves a comment telling me about all the other plants in the world that do the same thing, I do realize that there are other plants in the world that do the same thing. As I said before, I'm not a farming type of girl.

Our next stop was the chicken coop.

jake really enjoyed the chicken coop. He loved it!

The other kids really enjoyed it, too...

Yup, she's actually holding one of the chickens!!

We moved onto the cows.

Then the goats and sheep. Did you know that llamas will guard sheep?? Crazy. They spit at you if you get to close. I didn't learn that from experience. I was told.

The goats started getting too frisky.

So we moved onto the pigs.

Barn cats.

Overall cuteness.

Until he tried to run away from me. I swear he's attached to me. It just seems like he's always trying to run away.

Checking out barrels.

Just lovin' the farm...

and the leaves. I need to take him to the mall or something so that we can talk my language.