Go Diego Go!!

jake went trick or treating for the first time yesterday. He was so cute. Not that I'm biased or anything. Since I'm totally the best mom ever...need I remind you of last year's costume?...cause I totally will....I decided that jake would be Diego this year. Mostly because it was easy...and because I'm the best mom ever.

Don't forget the rescue pack.

Yes, jake, your candy bucket is only that big. You're only 18 mos.

Go Diego Go!

Trev telling jake what candy to get so he can eat it later.

Stupid steps.

Ummmm...trick or treat?

How can you not give all your candy to those brown eyes?

Ummm...can we just sit right here and eat my candy? Seriously, that's what he's doing. After he got the candy at the first house, he just sat down and wanted to eat it.

More stupid steps.

That looks good.

Quick to the next house.

I guess I'll hold his hand.

Are we really done?

Crap, I didn't lose a piece did I?

Can't believe it's over.

Wait, don't I get my lollipop?


I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!!
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