Deck the Halls

I'm starting to get more and more into Christmas decorating. My goal is to add just a few things every year.

This year, I started a little village. I've always wanted one for some reason. I can't wait to buy a new little house next year. Although, if I was smart, I'd buy one when it goes on sale after Christmas...

It always amazes me some of the things that Trevor takes a liking to....I guess it always surprises me when he decides to tell me he hates something, too. Trev told me today that he liked this little spot today.

We don't have a mantle on our fireplace....what? project? this year I decided one of my decorating additions would be a garland to hang the stockings from. I also spruced up jake's stocking a bit and got a little crafty with his name.

It was fun pulling out the decorations that I made last year.

I think I was secretly just happy they didn't fall apart.

But, I couldn't help remembering making them while jake was trying to crawl and still just a tiny little guy.

Every year I make our Christmas cards and I try to write a personal message in each card. I like thinking about all of our friends and how they're doing rather than just stuffing into a random envelope. I hope our family and friends realize the time I take to remember the moments we've shared and hope for the best for them. It's probably a complete waste of time but, sigh, it gets me into the spirit.

By the way, I loooove Christmas lights...and prezzies!!

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