This Christmas was so much fun. jake got into it and got everyone else into it, too. We're so lucky that we got to spoil jake (check out the aftermath) and Santa spoiled us all.

When jake came down the stairs he had a train table waiting for him. He got right into did Trevor.

He soon found out that the best way to play with a train table was to climb on it...

...and sit smack dab in the middle of it.

Just because I think these do you spell galashes?...from my mom are the cutest things ever.

Trev got the air compressor in the background but, jake got the tools to help his pops out.

Of all the bazillion toys he got from us...I mean Santa...the train table was by far the favorite. Trev's favorite, too.

So that was Christmas morning. We then headed to grammy and gramps' for some more Christmas fun and spoiling.

Grammy always knows just what prezzies go where...

I bet Gramps is wondering how she always knows about the prezzies, too.

Rose Bowl anyone?

I may have suggested that someone get jake a mini acoustic guitar. But, as gramps informed me, "he's got to have an appropriate instrument, Tam." Enter the ukulele.

No imitations around here.

I hope your Christmas was as great as ours. We got to start our own family traditions and see those that are special to us. It was definitely a blessed holiday in so many ways.