I hate snow. I really do. My poor husband has heard that a lot this year. Trev is determined to make jake a winter lovin' soul. We'll see. Remember last year?

Snow A Year Ago

So yeah, he had the same snowsuit on....but he's still damn cute.

Doesn't a black and white pic just make it seem so....memorable?

We put him on the toboggan and it started out kinda well.

He was smiling even though he was falling.

This was his last straw...

We started losing him after this. Glimpses of his mother started to shine through.

He decided he did not want to be put down in the awful cold wet white stuff anymore.

Trev was not about to give up despite many hints.

Men. Just can't take a hint.

Trev gets an A for effort and enthusiasm, though.

Why am I not up close? Ummmm...because I was standing on the nice shoveled step at the front door.

Maybe next year.

Look at that face. Again, his mother's enthusiasm for snow shining through.

One last shot.

Seriously, I think that jake hated the bulkiness of the snowsuit more than he hated the snow. We took him out a few days later while Trev shoveled snow...and I watched from a window...and he was starting to get into it a little more. He had less bulk and more time to explore on his own. We can't rush him into anything. He's so hard headed.