Sidewalk Chalk

jake and I attend these "classes" every Thursday. Basically, he gets to run around a big gym full of random toys with a bunch of kids his age while the mommies get to pick the brain of a child development phd. Anyway, I was telling her how jake is really into his crayons and coloring. She mentioned getting out the sidewalk chalk.

I'm such an idiot for not thinking of it myself.

Then the next day my friend, Tanya, mentioned that she was going out with her daughter to play with some sidewalk chalk.

I felt like someone should've just hit me across the head with some sidewalk chalk the hints were so obvious.

So I went to the store and got some for the little guy.

He really enjoyed it!

I know his hair was a mess but, it was right after nap time.

This was more so you can see how my belly is so big that it got into some of the shots. I had to make an effort to lean forward. oy.

Would you believe we just gave this kids a haircut?

He was so cute with the chalk. At some points he'd say "vroom vroom", "bus", "choo choo" and other random words he knows almost like he was trying to draw them.

I should really comb this kids hair every now and then.

I just want to kiss those eyelashes.

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