Zoo time!

I told myself to try to update the blogs once a week. Ummm yeah. anna has really wiped me out. Kids really do suck the life right out of you! She's doing great. She likes to kick and move at around 9:00 every night. The movement has been great in reassuring me that she's surviving her brother's accidental kicks, jabs and butt sitting.

I passed my glucose test. Thank you, God. I looooveeee sugar and I'm not quite sure how I would handle having to reduce my intake. We did find out that my iron is low so I have to take a supplement twice a day for the rest of my pregnancy. It's really no surprise. I think I had to do the same thing with jake. Maybe the extra iron will help me get some of my energy back. I think I'm going to have to buy stock in Metamucil, though. All this iron, I'll probably never go to the bathroom again.

I usually try and get out with jake in the mornings then I nap with him in the afternoons and we plan a little activity together for after nap. By the days end, I'm exhausted and I can barely take steps on my left leg. Can't wait to meet my baby girl, though!!

A couple of weeks ago we hit up the zoo for the first time this year. I went through my pictures and they aren't the best....

What he's looking at, I don't know?? But the snack looks yummy!

He gets annoyed with me being in his face all the time.

Can you see the baby elephant?

LL Cool J

He looks like one of the Beatles. He needed a haircut so bad.

Just to prove we did see other animals besides the elephants. These are the lion cubs. Horrible picture but, it's proof I didn't just take him to see the elephants then high tail it to Wendy's for a frosty.

jake and I have actually been pretty busy. We hosted two playdates last week, we've gone to storytimes, our Toddler Talks class and the park. I told myself that I was going to start bringing the camera everywhere. I tell myself to do a lot. I never listen. Guess I know where jake gets it from.