Easter Weekend Part 1

Friday morning my mom's group decided to have a playdate at the zoo. Innocent enough. Except for the fact that it was Good Friday, everyone had the day off and the weather was AWESOME. Basically everyone in the city decided to head to the zoo. I hate going to the zoo on busy days. We're members so we can go anytime we want. It really spoils you. Anyway, so on this busy day, we managed to fit in the petting zoo, a train ride, and a picnic lunch with our friends.

I mention the zoo on Friday because I should've taken it as a hint to how the weekend was going to be crazy and jake couldn't stop talking about "more ride choo choo daddy." For two days jake talked about wanting to ride the choo choo with his daddy.

First, he had to survive the Easter egg hunt on Saturday. Luckily grammy and gramps were in town. Gramps was to help with the basement and grammy was to help me make it to the end of this pregnancy without having a nervous breakdown. She's a good grammy like that.

Our community egg hunt was at 11am on Saturday. We headed out to the local coffee shop at about 10. Mostly because I wanted to a good parking spot. Normally I'd walk to the coffee shop and the park but, I'm the size of a whale and whale's don't walk.

jake found a flower.

We waited on the patio while grammy got me a frozen chai latte - my one itty bitty bit of caffeine I allow myself all week - and jake a strawberry smoothie.

We let him have a cookie, too. You'd give in to this face, too.

He was wearing the same Easter pants he had last year. The still fit and I like them. They aren't that short on him. It's just the way he's sitting. I love spring. This picture just looks so springy.

I think he gets annoyed with me easily. I so wanted him to smile. What a beautiful Easter portrait that would've been...

So after cookies and smoothies we headed across the street to the park for the egg hunt. This was what it looked like in front of me. I didn't take a picture of behind me because it was stressing me out.

grammy helped get jake into position once the whistle sounded.

He got the hang of it pretty fast.

There were kids all around.

I swear there was a 5 year old with 20 eggs in the 0-3 year section.

jake managed to hold his own.

Those eggs went fast.

Luckily grammy was there to help box some kids out.

jake was happy with his 6 eggs.

Then he found out there was something inside of them. This is about when mommy freaked out and grabbed him to get away from the crowd. It was just too crazy.

Thankfully we found a nice patch of grass away from the mob...and jake went back to figuring out what was in the eggs.

Grammy helped.

jake was psyched to find the candy.

First time eating smarties.

So, we survived the egg hunt. It started at 11 and we were home at 11:30. Insanity. But....did jake ever get to ride the choo choo with daddy?