For as fast as time moves, it sure does move slow. Things are crazy at our house right now and I have a sneaking suspicion things are not going to let up for a while!

At my doctor's appointment last week, the doc voiced his concern that anna may come early - jake was born at 36 weeks. He strongly urged - some would say told - me to stay off my feet as much as I could. My response to him, "I have a two year old." Anyway, he made the point that it was the only nonmedical thing we could control and no sense in looking back with what ifs. Soooo we're working hard to get me off my feet. The doc also said no more working out - another 60 lb weight gain here I come! I think its all working out ok, though.

With me trying to rest, we're not doing things that are too crazy. We've been doing snack time and lunch on the deck. We've been reading books in bed. We have this set of books that feature Elmo that are by far his favorite. Not going to lie, we've been watching tv. I feel bad about how much he's been watching but what am I going to do? He's had a vocabulary explosion and is starting to link words together in what seems like the beginning of sentences.

Today he was playing in anna's crib and wanted me to get in with him. I told him I couldn't get in and he said, "Momma too big.". Ouch

We were at a playdate with my friend who has a girl jake's age and a baby that is 2 mos old. The baby started crying and I told jake to sing to him. So he sings, "naa naa naaa, elmo world." Sigh.

Trev and jake are spending a lot of quality time together. They went to the zoo just the two of them last week and it sounded like the best time ever. All I've heard about is the choo choo with daddy and the rhino. They've been working in the basement a ton together, too. Jake now asks for the hammer, screwdriver but, his most favorite are the wiah nuts.

Jake's imagination is starting to take shape, too. He takes his kiddie chairs and lines them up front to back. Then yells choo choo! He then grabs us and has us sit on the train. Sometimes he drives but, sometimes he has us do the conducting.

Don't get me wrong, though. The terrible two's are here and we're trying to hold onto our patience.

So we have a lot on our minds but, we have a lot of fun things coming up!
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