The Grass Is Greener

I feel like we have a lot going on but, none of it fun. In the last week, we've had someone hit us, a stomach bug that can only be described as horrific and a belly that just keeps getting bigger and bigger. OK...well maybe I'm the only one with the belly that is getting bigger and biggger but, trust me when I say it effects us all.

No matter what happens, though, the grass in the yard keeps growing. Trevor mentioned doing this a while back but, we didn't have a back pack carrier. When Tanya sent me a pic of her husband carrying their daughter, I immediately asked if we could borrow the carrier.

It takes Trev about a little more than an hour to mow the lawn so I was doubtful that jake would make it the whole hour.

He did well, though. About halfway through he declared, "No more help daddy lawnmower."