Happy Birthday!

I can not for the life of me believe that my little boy is 2. Its crazy. I get these updates from Babycenter that say your Toddler at such and such month. Ummm, the one I got on Saturday said your PRESCHOOLER! I couldn't believe it.

jake's beloved mimi and mumps came to celebrate the day with him. We're having a small get together on the 15th with a couple of his friends but, you can't NOT open presents on the day of your birthday!!

You have to have a cookie within reach at all times when opening presents. Its essential.

jake really got into the opening. He started yelling birthday presents before we all sat down. I didn't even know he knew what a present was. His excitement was limited to just the gifts. He was psyched about the cards, too.

Who wouldn't be excited with a card like this...

My little Warren Buffet.

He loooved the books he got even yelling out "oh wow" when he opened his Elmo book from Auntie Liz and Uncle Brian.

We had to pause and read it.

jake's a big fan of counting, too.

Every gift opening session needs a coloring intermission. You have to check to make sure the gifts are usable of course.

Then came mimi and mumps gift.


He loved it!

Its got a radio button on it, too. He loves the radio button!

He's getting so big!

I probably should've wiped the chocolate chips from his mouth.