Since I may have gone a little overboard with the whole birthday party last year, we decided that this year would be a little more low key.

We invited our close friends and some of jake's best buds. To be honest, the kid doesn't do well with large groups of kids so he probably had more fun with the low key party than if I threw another crazy extravaganza.

jake started the day by helping me bake cupcakes. Kid was totally miserable.

You can just tell by all the chocolate on his face.

I'm a horrible mother. I probably shouldn't let him do that...

Then we prepped our bday gifts for the kiddos.

Get it? Jake's 2nd Bday in 2010...

Elmos says hi.

OK. I'll admit that I was horrible at getting pictures of his party AGAIN! All of these are literally the last 10 minutes of the party.

aubree and aidan stealing a cocktail.

M showing of some serious pig tail action.

Because he's the cutest 2 year old ever.

He looks so big. I can't believe how big he's getting.

Rylan was bored by it all. I think he was just upset because he didn't get a tshirt.

Sophia was checking out Rylan. Don't tell her dad.

Blondie looking too cute for his own good.

EZ E. He's up to something.

What's he up to? Ummm...teaching jake how to get hurt.

See, you can do it from the other side, too. Damn 3 year olds are trouble.

M decided she likes older men.

aubree just straight up had enough of us all.

Thanks everyone for coming! In the end, I'm really glad we decided to do a smaller get together.

I wish I would've gotten off my lazy butt earlier so that I could've got pics of all of our friends because they are super great for showing up at all of my jake events eventhough they don't have kids of their own. I love them for it. I was actually able to talk to them this year!!