touch a truck

Our neighborhood puts on an event called Touch A Truck every year. jake loved it last year. We really wanted to take him this year because, not only are there a ton of vehicles, its right at his birthday! jake loves buses,trucks, tractors, cars, and trains. He loves anything with wheels really.

Unfortunately, Trev couldn't get out of work so it was just me and the little guy. I think he would've enjoyed it much more if daddy was there because mommy's "big belly" - yes there are quotation marks because that's what jake calls it - really slowed her down. I think the large number of people overwhelmed him a bit....that and the horns. jake was not a fan of the loud horns.

There were a few things that cheered him up a bit. Like the pinwheel.

I thought actually going in a bus was going to give him a chills of excitement but, he acted like he'd been getting on a bus and sitting in a seat for his whole life.

Things really started looking up when he got the smarties lollipop.

I tried to use it as bribery to get him to stand still so I could get a few pictures of him next to the trucks. Didn't really work.

It's hard to be 8 months pregnant and handle a camera and a two year old!

He did sacrifice and stand in line for a beloved balloon.

In the end, I think he was just overwhelmed at the size of some of the trucks. I suppose tractors, buses, and fire trucks do look a lot smaller from the comfort of your carseat.