She's 2!

One of jake's friends turned 2 and we were psyched to go to the birthday party. Bree's mom is a good friend of mine so really that means Bree is a good friend of jake's....he really doesn't have a say in the matter, I suppose. They do get along well. Bree yells for jakey and jake always asks for frozen yogurt with aubree.

Anyway, Bree scored with a lady bug themed party.

jake loooved his ladybug tattoo. I still hear about the lady bug tattoo.

He's just way cute.

He's musically talented, too. Not very many people can play the drums with a maraca. C'mon people.

Let's just hope that look of amazement is for the cake and not the fire.

Make a wish!

I think jake was upset he wasn't getting a big 'ol cake to himself. Spoiled kid had to settle for a cupcake.