Wait, its almost July?

I'm trying desperately to get some things done before our beautiful little girl comes into the world so over the next few days I'm going to catch everyone up on what we've been up to in the months of May and June.

My mother came and visited in the month of May.

She hadn't seen jake in quite awhile which really worked in jake's favor. He raked it in. We scored a great deal on a new playset/swingset

and got his own jeep.

I personally think Trev is a little jealous. He had to wait until he got into college to get his Wrangler.

jake was pretty excited about the "jeep, mommy"

Not going to lie, he hasn't quite gotten the whole idea of a gas pedal to go. Trev's got to work with him on that.

After some trial runs, jake decided it was best just to push it.

Guess everyone needs a goal for the end of summer.

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