We Survived!

Last week was my first week on my own. I decided that we needed to just jump right in and keep up the same pace as we did before anna was born. Here's what we did...

On Monday, we were headed to the lollipop concert. I decided that I needed to walk because its only 1 mile one way and...well...lets face it...I have a few pounds to lose. So we walked there only to find out that it was postponed due to weather. I contemplated heading back to the house but I decided to throw anna in the sling so jake and I could dive head first into the splash pad. That afternoon, we headed to the grocery store....in the rain! Luckily it was only a light rain.

On Tuesday, jake headed to Melissa's in the morning for a make up day. anna and I headed to brunch with a friend :). That afternoon we stayed home and played in the playroom. I sat anna down on the play mat. jake did a very good job at sharing his toys. Notice all the toys he shared around her head.

He loves to say "hi, baby anna!"

I do put pants on the kid. This was just right after nap time. He sleeps in his diaper during naps because he gets so hot.

Hi pretty girl!

On Wednesday, we headed to the pool! I contemplated how I was going to handle the pool with jake and anna for months. Once she's old enough, I'm going to put her in the Kid's Zone so jake and I can spend an hour or so just the two of us swimming. Until then, its the three of us. It actually worked out really well. jake wanted to head to the baby pool first so I just parked her and the stroller in the shade....then he wanted to head to the big boy pool and I just parked her and the stroller in the shade. She slept the whole time. When she started to stir, I plopped her in the sling. I went in the morning hoping the sling wouldn't be too hot for her or me. That afternoon, I think we headed to Walmart for some odds and ends....

On Thursday, jake headed back to Melissa's. I got to go to the mall and do some browsing. I haven't done that in so long! It was fun. That afternoon, we headed to the ice cream shop for an ice cream cone...that jake was asking for all day...that he ended up not wanting.

On Friday, we got a visit from my friend Erin and her 3 kids. It was fun! Thankfully, Trev got home a little early from work and I was able to breathe a sigh of relief that I survived.

In the end it was hard but, definitely doable. I thought about bringing the camera along on our adventures, but I thought that would put me over the edge.
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