Double Double Date

My friend Tanya and I were lucky....not really sure if lucky is the right have two kids each that are roughly the same age yet the opposite gender. One perk is that for the second babies we swapped clothes. She got jake's clothes for her new baby boy and I got aubree's clothes for anna.

One of the activities we do from time to time is get frozen yogurt at the mall then either walk the mall or take the kids to the fountains. A couple of weeks ago, we met for frozen yogurt for the first time since anna was born.

One of jake's favorite people in the world is aubree.

Tanya and I couldn't stop laughing because jake could not keep his hands off of her while in the stroller. He always had his hand on her arm or her knee. Seriously need to teach that kid some manners when it comes to the ladies! Every time we see aubree he gives her a hug. She runs from the pda....she's just like her mommy.

This was anna's first date with rylan. I think we might have to work on his game a bit. anna does not seem amused at all.

One thing is for sure, though. I know that kid can protect my little girl. He's six months and already wearing the clothes jake wore earlier this summer!!! He lifts in his spare time.