We're settling into a routine....for now. Seems as though both kiddos are going through some changes that are definitely going to be throwing things out of whack.

jake keeps pushing his naps later and later in the afternoon. I feel like my days of both kids napping at the same time are limited...mostly because jake is probably going to drop his soon. He's talking up a storm. Its unbelievable the things he knows and vocalizes. He surprises me everyday by telling me a new letter he's learned. He refuses to learn the abc song, though. His favorite songs are row row row your boat and the wonder pets theme song. I love how he gets so excited about everything. We've been in many a restaurant where he's yelled out and pointed at something in excitement.

anna is eating a ton. She's still nursing about every two hours except at night. Thankfully she goes about 3-4 hours at night. Yippee....please sense the sarcasm. We're starting to get some baby noises rather than just wailing. She's handling being out and about a little better but is definitely in the I hate the car seat stage. Fun times. I try to plan an activity for jake in the morning and I'm trying to stay at home in the afternoons to give her a chance to get a good restful nap. I figure a nap in the car or in the sling can't be nearly as restful as one in bed, right? Oh, thankfully, she likes the sling just as much as her brother. I forgot how much I rely on that thing.

So our morning activities are the same as before anna was born. The zoo, the pool and play dates. We met a couple of friends the other day at the fountains. jake was a little hesitant at first.

He quickly warmed up, though.

I soon found out that he loooves the fountains!

Where was anna? In the sling snoozing away, of course!