'Ol Blue Eyes

When I was little...ok maybe a little bit now, too...I always wanted blue eyes. I don't know why....ok maybe I did...I wanted blonde hair, too. I wanted blonde hair and blue eyes. I wanted to be the all american girl next door. Eh, you always want what you can't have.

When I was pregnant with jake, I thought about that whole genetics chart thing you learned when you were in elementary school. I told Trev that there was for sure a chance that jake could have blue eyes. Trev has beautiful green/blue eyes and my paternal family is about as white as you can get with blonde hair and green eyes. Nope. Didn't happen. He's got some beautiful big brown eyes, though. Hard to say no to those.

When I was pregnant with anna, I went through the same chart. Low and behold, I got my blue eyed baby!! Woo hoo!! But, will they stay? Who knows? I didn't want to risk it, though, so I set out to get some blue eyed pics before those suckers changed.

I wasn't too successful.

Obviously I needed to get out of bed and face the other direction so the shadows weren't in her eyes.

Who wants to get out of bed, though? I did it. Then jake wanted to get in the pic. That was pretty unsuccessful, too. You figure I would get motivated and really set up for the whole thing but, man, my pj's were comfy and all I wanted was one picture of some blue eyes!

I did accomplish one mission that I was saving for another time. The dimple!

Then jake had enough. He knows when I'm ready to take some good pics and when I'm just being lazy.

I kept going with anna, though.

Not quite getting the color at its brightest, though. At least she was in kind of a good mood.

Wait...does that hair have a reddish tint to it? Is this really my child?

I saw her come out. I know she's mine. All mine....and Trev's of course but, he didn't do any pushing...and didn't deal with the aftermath...anyway

So I've accepted that I need to get off my lazy butt and have a real photo shoot with my kids. One that lasts longer than five minutes and where I actually pay attention to the camera settings. I did get a shot of those baby blues, though.

What do you think? Think she'll have them in a year?
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