I am one tired momma. The sad thing is I always think I'm going to catch up and rest but, there just never seems to be the time. Trev did give me the afternoon on Sunday to nap with anna. It was like heaven. Although, I almost think it made me more tired that night?? I don't know.

Anyway, i have two words for you. Potty Training. Yikes. We've been trying to put jake on the potty in the mornings because the kids wakes up dry and he HAS to have to go pee. We figured we'd ease into it because its not really in jake's personality to be forced into anything. Last Wednesday, I must've been on crack, I decided that he would spend the day in underwear. Shockingly, it went pretty well. We had a few accidents but, by the end of the day, he was telling me he had to go and heading to the bathroom. I went to bed all happy and excited to see the progress we'd make on Thursday. Sucker. He went on double dog strike. I thought I was going to DIE....or at least have to go in a corner and curl up and cry. I was really feeling bad about myself as a parent. I had about every feeling you could possibly imagine. Didn't help that when Trev came home the kid headed straight to the bathroom.

We had a dr's appt for anna on Friday - 11 lbs 10 oz and 22.5 in long! - and I talked to the pediatrician about potty training. She brought up a very good point that did give me some hope. As parents of toddlers, we control every aspect of our children's lives. Going to the bathroom is the only thing we don't control. They control it all and then comes potty training and we try to rip that control out of their little hands. She said that some kids may fight for that control. It makes me at least. This whole conversation gave me some renewed hope.

I went online to search out some more articles. One article talked about how potty training is another life skill that we have to teach our kids. Just like walking or eating with a fork or spoon. It talked about how we don't conduct weekend crash courses on how to walk for our toddlers. Why expect your toddler to be potty trained over a couple of days. Whether or not it makes sense....who makes sense in my mind and that's all that matters to me.

This whole potty training ordeal has taught me a lot about what kind of parent I am. First, I need to be informed and mentally in the right place for any kind of training. I am so not the fly by the seat of my pants/go with the flow kind of mommy. Second, I really internalize my children's successes/failures/accidents.

Soooo, we've decided to do no diapers in the house and pull ups over underwear (so they can really feel an accident) when we go on outings. Its really working well. So far jake as stayed dry on all our outings. On Sunday we went to the grocery store, babies r us, and out to lunch and he stayed dry through the whole thing. He only had one accident today. He's not anywhere near close to being potty trained. I still have to remind him to go and I have to take him....don't even get me started on pooping...but, hey, one less diaper to change. He'll get it.....

Here are two awesome videos.

Here's jake running with the tiger with his friend Aubree!

Here's my baby girl smiling.

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