choo choo

Last week I was feeling extremely inadequate. I feel like the house is a complete unorganized mess. I'm totally relying on tv too much in the day. My weight is not coming off and I'm just feeling totally unattractive. Plus, I'm constantly tired. I'm turning it around, though. Sometimes I have to wallow in my own self pity for a minute to realize just how lucky I am. So this past weekend, I set on turning my frown upside down. :)

I've decided to take things a little slower in my mind. Instead of thinking I need to tackle everything on my to do/want list, I'm telling myself that getting 1 or 2 things done is ok. I guess I'm lowering expectations. I'm ok with that, though.

jake starts preschool on Wed so I'm going to take the time to go to the gym....please, oh please, let anna do well in the nursery....while he's there. I have a feeling getting more active is going to help with that constantly dragging feeling. Sure I could use more sleep but, who needs sleep?!?

My friend Tanya and I are pulling together fun activities we can do with the kids. So we each are brainstorming about different outings, different crafts and learning activities. We're still working it all out but, the goal is to have a list of things to do on Monday morning so if the urge to turn the tv on comes about, you just look at the list! Its much easier than trying to come up with things on the fly.

I'm slowly getting rid of stuff that we haven't used since we moved into the house and giving it away. Only bad part about this is I'm getting rid of stuff I just plain out don't like anymore and buying new stuff. So while I got rid of 2 sets of dishes and random tupperware, i did buy us a new set. I promise I gave away more than I bought! Still, its making me feel like I'm accomplishing something and that's all that really matters, right?!?!

A few weeks ago, we were on our way home from mimi and mumps and decided to stop at the outlet mall so jake could ride the train. He looooves the train. Much to our surprise, this was a cool little train.

Who woulda thought at an outlet mall?

In the beginning I'm not entirely sure jake knew what he was about to do.

Once he saw it pull up to the "station," I think he started to get a little excited.

It was kind of neat because they actually had real cars that were enclosed. Not an open air one like at the zoo.

Trev said he was really quiet at first and had a really serious look on his face.

The driver....conductor?...looked a little worried that jake was going to have a fit but, at the end of the ride jake asked to go again.

Trev says he thinks jake was just taking it all in. Making sure he didn't miss a moment.