Finger Painting

I've hit the sleep wall. I think most moms go on adrenaline for a couple of months and than bam, you hit the sleep wall. There were times in the last week that I swear I could have shut my eyes while standing up and fallen asleep. anna does pretty well at night. She sleeps from 7 until about 2. That's not a bad stretch....if you go to bed at 7. After her 2 am wake up, things start to get a little less ideal. She's usually up smiling at me at about 6 am. She'll go down again at about 7:45 or 8....just as her brother is waking up. Okay, pity party over. I've made an effort to get into bed earlier the last few days and I think its helping....but, I don't really get anything done. What can you do?

anna is so darn cute. She loves to smile, laugh and coo. She smiles and talks way more than her brother did at this age. He's such an observer. It seems as though anna may like to be observed! We'll see if that holds true in the future. She's discovering her hands which is so fun to watch.

So far so good with jake and preschool...if I ever catch up with my pics, I have some to show! Today...second day of school....he walked right in and didn't even give me a second look. We had to make a snack for his class slices and yogurt....and while I was cutting the apple he kept saying, "I eat apples for snack at school today."

anna is really taking notice of jake. When she sees him, she often smiles. The other day she was smiling at him and he grabbed her cheeks, smooshed them together and said, "anna talk!" He then turned to me and said, "mommy, quick grab your camera!" Love that kid.

So about a month ago....that's how far behind I am in posting pics!...we sat down to do some finger painting.

Well, I thought it was going to be finger painting.

He wanted to paint with a brush. Who am I to deny an artist his desires?

We were right in the beginning of potty training....thus the lack of pants....things were going well...

Then this one turned on me...

No idea why this one turned on me since the whole activity was for him.

We recovered nicely, though. Notice the spare undies on the ledge for easy access.

Oh, the artist did decide that a brush was so last season. Ummm, notice how I tried to clean up the ledge so I don't look like a horrible slob.

This masterpiece can be all yours for $100.