I wouldn't say things are insane around here. I'm not banging my head against the wall or anything. Although, I have looked at the wall and contemplated it. Maybe that makes ME insane and not necessarily me living an insane life.

Potty training is going better. We still get accidents but, overall he's doing well. I wouldn't say he's trained. I still remind him but, he does tell me. We can go a few days without an long as I'm the one watching him. We've learned that he'll only poop on the potty for me and no one else. Not even beloved Mimi. So really I haven't cleaned up an accident in a while....well....I've cleaned up the accident he had when his daddy was watching him but, that's a gross story that involves heat and need to get into that. He did have a bout of diarrhea which is the dream of every mother trying to potty train her kid. All in all, I can't complain about the training. I do put a pull up on him when we go out in public, though. I am so not mentally ready for a public accident. 99% of the time he's dry when we come home but...yikes....not yet.

We're all sick right now. Including Anna....which is the dream of every mother of a two month old. Poor thing can't breathe well through her nose which is kind of essential when you're nursing. She's in a bit of a mood. Already moody at 10 weeks.

A couple of weekends ago....its probably been like a month now....we visited Mimi and Mumps. First, let me say that jake doesn't nap anymore. He wouldn't sleep until 9:30 or 10 and it was just getting harder and harder to get him to fall asleep in the afternoon so I let him skip it. For the most part, it doesn't effect his mood. Every now and then we get a cranky night but, not normally. My son can definitely stay awake with the best of them....until the weekend we visited Mimi and Mumps.

Second, let me say that I do a lot with the kid when we're home. Its not like we just sit at home all the time. We do the pool, play dates, the zoo, the splash pad, the fountains, different parks and whatever random thing happens to fall into the schedule. This never happens when he's with me...

Never. Trev and Mumps were at Wal Mart when jake fell asleep while sitting in the cart. What? Trev picked him up and carried him around while they finished their shopping. Still asleep. The drove home. Still asleep. Layed him on the couch. Still asleep. We practically had a marching band come visit us in the living room. Still asleep. What?

What did he do that day? He went to Panera, he went to the pool, and then washed the car. Nothing crazy. Nothing really out of the ordinary. Kid is just trying to make me insane.