while mom gets ready....

I can't fit into anything in my closet. My maternity stuff is getting too big but I'm not anywhere near my pre-pregnancy size. I go through the same routine every morning. I tell myself I'm looking like I lost a few pounds. I for sure can fit into some of my fat clothes. I hold them up and think fo' sho. Then I put them on and can't get the pants past my thighs. I resemble the marshmallow man from Ghost Busters when I put on the shirts. I then get all frustrated because I still fatty mcfatty.

What are the kids doing while I go through this routine at least 4 times during the week.

Ughhh....having the time of their life. :insert sarcasm:

anna cuts me some slack, though.

I wish I could look as cute as she does while carrying baby weight.

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